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As the EWLS Photography Blog Director, my goal is to promote women in caving and make a difference with in the caving community; and especially conservation of ecology. I am working to build a community of women cave photographers and create a place where we can learn from each other.

I graduated from New Mexico State University (NMSU) in 2014 with a BS in Agriculture with an emphasis in Wildlife Science and have over three years of experience with monitoring and conducting research for various and sensitive wildlife species. While in college I served as the secretary for the Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society for NMSU. I currently conduct research and monitor the health, diversity, and productivity of US forests and desert ecosystems.

In 2010 I began by caving career after volunteering with the U.S. Forest Service at a bat workshop. Later, I got an internship in Carlsbad, NM with the Bureau of Land Management doing wildlife surveys. There decided to check out Mesilla Valley Grotto and quickly found that I really enjoyed the sport and especially the conservation aspect. I also really enjoyed taking photos of caves. When I first started as a photographer, I took a documentary photography class in college to improve my skills. For my final project, I published a documentary photo book about Research Museums called The Afterlife. It was designed to help promote research museums and give a behind the scene look of what takes place in museums. I also did some advertising for the NMSU Wildlife Museum while I worked there as the Museum Assistant.

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Extraordinary Women Leaders in Speleology

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As a member of the Mesilla Valley Grotto, I partner with the U.S. Forest Service & Bureau of Land Management in cave biology, restoration, and surveys for data collection. I am a member of the National Speleological Society as well as other organizations including the Wildlife Society Early Career Professional Working Group, the Wildlife Society Professionals, and the Wildlife Society.

I also help out with several  non-profit groups  with photography for I enjoy trying to reach out to the community as well as share my passion for photography. I have helped out for 2 years so far in Las Cruces, New Mexico  the Asombro Institute for Science Education. They do a 5k to 10k triathlon each year to help raise money for providing classroom sciences programs as well as field trips to the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park for over 19,000 kindergarten though 12 grade students. For all of there class room programs and field trip stations are correlated with the New Mexico and Texas Education Standards. By trying to increase the literacy by fostering the understanding of the Chihuahuan Desert Nature park. I also help with photographing conventions as well whenever there is a photographer needed.