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Leadership In Action

Extraordinary Women Leaders in Speleology

Women's: Trip Leader Lisa Cook

Men's: Trip Leader Khalvin Cook
Chubby Bunny (Gated) 

Co-Ed Low Impact Trip: No trip leader
Guler Ice Cave (public show cave)

Co-Ed Easy Trip: Trip Leader Khalvin Cook & Lisa Cook

Trout Lake, WA

Amenities: This is a wild camp. No bathrooms. Bring your own food and water. Tents and small trailers will fit just fine.

Event Cost:
For the first year AGCT will be completely free. Camping is wild and free. Meals are not included. We have guidebooks ($18). Suggested donation for the Saturday night potluck dinner is $10/person or $20/family.

All-Grrs-Cave-Trip 2017: Registration Page

Meals/water not provided. There is a potluck on Saturday. Donations will be excepted. See potluck info Below. 

Potluck info: On Saturday we are doing a Mexican Fajita potluck. Meat, tortillas, bell peppers and onions, and dishes will be provided. Suggested donation for the Saturday night potluck dinner is $10/person or $20/family. 

Please sign up to bring food. Especially needed items are listed below
  • Salsa 2 jars
  • sour cream 1pt
  • Diced tomatoes 3 cups
  • Refried beans 4 cans
  • Cheese 4lbs shredded
  • 6 ltr sodas
  • guacamole 5 cups
  • tortilla chips 2 bags

DATE: October 13, 2017
LOCATION: Trout Lake, WA

Application Directions:
Follow on the Facebook event page and email Lisa at lisab.ewls@gmail.com to register