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Can you explain the purpose and history of the publication?

EWLS has been reporting on women's achievements and contributions for several years on Facebook and now our blog. We have gained international interest and numerous letters of appreciation communicating to us that these stories inspire women. While finding these stories, we noticed how difficult it was to get women to talk about their contributions and find articles that gave credit to women cavers. Historical documents often cite women contributors as "Miss so-n-so" or the "wife of ..." leaving a sparse representation of women in speleological history. Our publication is a way to share the story of women in caving. The publication will be submitted the the NSS library each year so that women cavers can be formally included in cave history and the bio portion will be available online for free to share and educate the community.

There are so many ladies in caving that I admire and I don't feel like my contributions are extraordinary. Why should I apply?

This is the exact kind of thinking that has created a need for ladies like you to tell your story. Not everyone can walk on the moon. It takes valuable engineers, scientists, and leaders to make it happen. Just because you haven't discovered 100 caves or saved someone's life doesn't mean your contributions are not inspirational. At EWLS we believe that if you contribute to cave conservation, education, and exploration, you are a hero no matter what your role is. Besides, not everyone wants to land on the moon. We need women to inspire other women to take leadership roles in caving with their own skills, desires, and interests in mind. Your story has the potential to give another woman the courage to dive into caving in ways she has never considered before.

I am worried that others will think I am bragging or that my profile will not reflect me in a way I desire.
This is an understandable concern. Our editor uses the information that you submit to generate a profile. You have several chances to see your profile before it is published and you can suggest edits. The more information and personal phrases you include in your application, the better profile you will have.

I don't like the way I look. Can I submit older pictures of myself?
Generally pictures that are at least as recent as 5 years ago are best. EWLS believes that women who cave are an extraordinary breed. We like mud and bugs ... and we don't care about being sex symbols. You are a caver hero just the way you are. The way you look is an expression strength and beauty rather than what society tells you to be ... which in most cases is weak. To truly inspire others, be yourself. Besides this, using current photos has it's advantages: people will recognize you as a famous EWC celebrity when you are at other cave-related events!

What kind of photo should I submit to the "Above Ground" section?
This section seems is unusual for cave publications. It is created to show that you have ambitions outside caving and is a place to show any offices you hold weather cave related or not. The image should represent how you view yourself. It should be you in the clothes you wear to dress up or do something you love. For example, are you a dancer, scientist, teacher? If so, put an image of you in a sparkly dance outfit, lab coat, or just casual clothes. Remember it is a face shot though. Your whole face should show with a smile (no sunglasses).

Where will my information and images be used?

EWLS distributes a free pdf version of the bio part of the publication. The entire guidebook and bios will be available for purchase at a suggested donation price. Also, images and information will be used for promotional purposes. By submitting the information, you agree to give EWLS this right. Also, you agree that you have been granted permission by photographers to distribute images. All proceeds go to EWLS program funding.

How will photographers and content contributors (like cartographers) be identified in the publication? Who has rights?
EWLS has the right to use the material according to the previous question. Other uses are not granted. Photos and maps may be cropped but not altered without permission of the photographer. Credit will be given in the publication on a designated credits page.

I want to nominate someone. How do I do it?
Nominations are encouraged, but since the application is so personal and detailed, nominees must afterward cooperate as a self-nominated participant. 

I want to see more publications like this. Why do you only do one a year?

Currently, Lisa Bauman our president does all the interviews, graphic design, editing, and cave research to create a guidebook and coordinate bios of EWC participants. The standards are high because the goal is lofty - to influence history to reflect the contributions of women. Currently EWLS is seeking a co-editor in the hopes that this officer will help generate more publications. If you would like to apply, please send your contact information to lisab.ewls@gmail.com.

EWC 2017 Application

Image Submissions Due: Feb. 1, 2017

First Draft Due: March 1, 2017

Final Due: April 1, 2017

How to apply - Become an Extraordinary Woman Caver this year by applying here. Download a sample bio to get a feel for what you are in for and download an application in either a pdf or doc form. Send questions or completed applications to lisab.ewls@gmail.com  or complete the online form.

Benefits include: ·  Featured in resume-building international magazine! ·  $5 off AGCT annual event registrations … forever! ·  Admittance in the EWC private Facebook Group ·  Preference in EWLS Officer Positions

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